Independent evaluation of the Pre-Raphaelite Experiment.

The Experiment was a year long project to find out what the Pre-Raphaelite collection meant to today’s Mancunians. The gallery worked with local groups, families and schools to respond to and reinterpret four Pre-Raphaelite paintings from the collection. The display evolved across the year as different audiences responded to the works.

My work involved an independent evaluation of the overall project. This included employing mixed methodologies such as in-depth interviews, creative journey mapping and visitor observation.

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Take a look at the April 2012 edition of Museums Practice for my case study about the schools part of the programme.

I presented my research findings from the experiment at Museum 2012: the socially purposeful museum conference in Taiwan (November 2012).

A short, informal video I created from the reflection day with teacher’s can also be viewed below.