Marketing action planning and delivery of social media training.

photo of river eden

As the team were going through the process of redesigning their website, it was a perfect opportunity to review their existing social media platforms. Were they reaching the right audiences and could they manage their social media channels more effectively?

Having worked on their tactical marketing and communications plan alongside a fellow freelancer, I was invited back to deliver social media training to a range of staff members. The first session went back to basics – considering the why’s and how’s of social media, with a particular focus on target audiences and creative examples showcasing best practice. I then ran a facilitated second workshop where the team devised their social media strategy; outlining the key audiences, platforms, content and staff responsibilities.

‘Marge has been great to work with.  Her extensive knowledge and understanding of social media have provided us with the insights and confidence we needed to help shape our Social Media Strategy.  She brought fresh-thinking to the table, came well prepared and made it easy to understand, taking away a lot of the mystery surrounding social media.’

Joanne Spencer, Project Manager, Eden Rivers Trust